• Radical Acts

    6 - 7 March 2018



    “We need to produce people who know how to act when they are faced

    with situations for which they were not specifically prepared.”

    Seymour Papert


  • Improvise Experiment Play

    For 50 innovators, activists, and change-makers

    Led by six world-class professionals

    Expect to be involved, active, and inspired.

    ~ Venue ~

    The Larwill Studio

    6 - 7 March 2018

    Power & Influence

    Understand the effects of culture, race, gender and class.


    Unhurried is the pace we set when we are in tune with what we are doing.



    Learn how to bring an attitude of playfulness to even the most serious issues.


    Bringing vitality and engagement to your meetings and events.

  • Benefits

    A complex world demands the ability to improvise.


    Who is this event for?
    This event is for anyone who:

    • needs to collaborate with others
    • is facing disruption but lacks a large innovation budget
    • needs to put an idea into action
    • is grappling with situations where the power dynamics around the table need to be managed differently 
    • wants to facilitate creative workshops, creative teams and creative environments - and try something radically different!




    What will I get from this experience?

    • see top professionals from around the globe in action
    • find greater spontaneity and creativity, both from myself and from the groups I work with
    • bring more vitality and engagement to my meetings and workshops
    • notice offers through improvised listening
    • learn from improv practice of side coaching to better lead peers
    • and be able to adjust status in groups to positively influence power dynamics
  • Program

    Two days of discussions,workshops and inspiration


    'Radical Acts' Public Playback Theatre Performance


    Led by six people from five countries, together for these two days only, in Melbourne…


    Tuesday, 6 March

    9am - 4pm

    How and why playfulness gives you a leadership edge.

    Coaching for creatives - getting the best out of your team.

    Power and status.

    Working with difficult people and situations.

    Melbourne Playback Performance


    See Radical Acts interpreted by Melbourne's own renowned improv theatre group at this public performance (included).

    Wednesday, 7 March

    9am - 4 pm

    What would a radical act for positive change look like for you? A day of workshops, coaching, action, and application.

  • Negotiate under tough circumstances

    How to raise the status of people that matter

    Global facilitator, consultant, and trainer, and Professor of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University, using applied improvisation to help people understand, resolve, and transform dynamics of power, conflict, and intercultural relations.

  • Coach creative teams

    How do you get teams to perform at their creative best? And under challenging circumstances?

    Improvisation is creativity under fire. Learn from the person who has led creative and high performance teams to success in Europe. Raymond has also coached people in Africa and Nepal following natural disasters to help local leaders rediscover the power of play.

  • Change the power dynamics

    Take a fresh look at leadership and executive coaching. A radical approach that puts creativity and caring at the centre

    David is an executive coach who specialises in leadership development for executive teams, and teaches on the Columbia Coaching Certification Programme.

  • Host the conversations we need to have

    How can groups of people have real conversations? How do you have that very difficult conversation?

    Founder of Unhurried Conversations and Creative Facilitation, helping people have the difficult conversations that make a difference.

  • Design real games for change

    Bring even the most difficult topics alive, develop a shared language for complex issues, and learn how to tap the aliveness just under the surface.

    Viv draws on her natural science and arts backgrounds to challenge people to have the confidence and ability to perform a head taller than usual, and to take risks that surprise and delight.

    A multi-talented design coach who understands that the power of innovation is based on your ability to improvise. She works with businesses, universities, and government agencies to lift their performance beyond the ordinary.

  • A world-class theatre company that uses story and improvisation to awaken change

    Ticket includes March 6 show

    Melbourne Playback will explore Radical Acts with the audience on Tuesday night 6 March at 7 pm.

  • A modern, creative space.

    Parking and public transport friendly.


    48 Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria

    The Larwill Studio is offering a special accommodation rate. Call their reservation desk on 1-800-278-468 and quote 'Radical Acts' event.

    For Accommodation Enquiries

    Call 1 800 278 468